Safe Study Destination in Cyprus

Update on 26-April-2020

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Cyprus is among the safest destinations to live, work and study worldwide. In terms of the novel COVID-19 virus, the government of the Republic of Cyprus has acted swiftly and effectively in pre-empting its spread, mindful of flattening the curve. Moreover, the situation is considered more manageable overall in Nicosia and the other major cities of Cyprus, than in larger, more densely populated cities across Europe and the United States.


Update on 02-May-2019
Admission open for studies in CANADA


Admissions are currently going on for june and september 2019 intake for Bachelors and Masters level

We have the pleasure to announce to students across central and west Africa that we have just signed a new partnership with University of Vistula in order to permit them have quality education in a schengen Country at low cost.
We also accept applications for scholarship programs for studies in Canada


Update on 16-Nov-2018
Scholarship program for China.


Scholarship program in China for international students less than 28 years, for march 2019 are currently open.

Full scholarship program in China for international students less than 28 years for March 2019 is open.

USA, North and Sounth Cyprus

Update on 15-Nov-2018
January intake is here… USA, North and South Cyprus


We do accept application for January intake for the USA, North and South Cyprus

Study in the USA, North and South Cyprus


Update on 30-Aug-2018
North and south Cyprus could be united in a couple of months…


We are still processing applications for september intake!!!

50% scholarship for undergraduate and graduate programs in Business, Technology, Social science and Pharmacy

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